Spring Awakening Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

NEW! The Sencha represents the growing grass that we can feel under our toes. The Peppermint represents the awakening of all the plants and trees that were in a winter slumber and the Chamomile represents the quiet abundance of flowers that are beginning to blossom.

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Beach Memories Beach Memories

Beach Memories

Green tea, safflowers, marigold, cornflower, blue marrow, dried apple, strawberries, hibiscus, kiwi, rose petals, orange peel, and natural flavors

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Spring Break Spring Break

Spring Break

Black tea, papaya, peach, apricot, apple, strawberries, hibiscus, kiwi, orange peel, blackberry leaves, calendula,sunflower, rose petals, and natural flavors

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Fireside Chat Fireside Chat

Fireside Chat

Rooibos, Lemongrass, and Orange Peel

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Exotic Grey Exotic Grey

Exotic Grey

Black & Green Tea, Lavendar & Cornflower petals, Jasmine blossoms and natural flavors

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Soulful Grey Soulful Grey

Soulful Grey

Black tea, cornflower petals, rose petals, marigold petals, and natural flavors

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Summertime Iced Tea Summertime Iced Tea

Summertime Iced Tea

Black Tea from the Nilgiri region of India

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Autumn Bliss Autumn Bliss

Autumn Bliss

Rooibos, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cinnamon Chips, Cardamom, Crushed Green Cardamom, Black +White Pepper, Clove, Nutmeg, Orange Peel, Chai Flavor

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Simple Sencha Simple Sencha

Simple Sencha

Chinese Green Tea

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