TRWIB Wednesday Mid-Day Networking May 8, 2019  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Two Rivers Women in Business Consortium
Wednesday Mid-day Networking at Teascapes.
Rejuvenate your week with a great networking meeting!

*Buy at least $10 from the venue that day. Order at the counter as soon as you get there and give them your name.
*Come at least once a month to a meeting. There are two to choose from (this and the Wednesday mid-day one) and they will be at the same time/day every month so you can put it repeating in your calendar. If you can make both, bonus!
*Click "going" if you actually are coming, or "interested" even if you aren't, so it gets shared. We want good attendance so it is of benefit to all members.
*Aside from the $10+ to the place, there is no charge, so be good to our host venues. And please tip the wait staff- that's not included in your $10.

Meeting format:
~Try to come a few minutes early to put in your orders for food. Give your name so they can deliver as it is ready.
~Sign in with the day's meeting host (usually Kim)
~First 15 minutes are for mingling and networking
~Any housekeeping announcements.
~Next we will do 1 minute introductions by everyone. Timed so we keep them focused and clear.
~Next 15-20 min will be either a speaker or a business building exercise (like group brainstorming or such)
~Announcements for 5 minutes
~Group picture
~Balance of time for more mingling and networking. This is where you ask any questions you have during the introductions and set up one on ones.

If you wish to be a speaker at a meeting, please contact Kim Leatherdale.