Spill the Tea Wednesday May 15, 2019


Happy SpillTheTeaWednesday! πŸŽ‰ I don’t know about you, but oftentimes I find that being cramped inside all day effects my #mood and overall #energy. πŸ‘Ž I feel tired and down. πŸ˜” Can anyone else relate? πŸ€” To remedy this, I make a point to go #outside, take a deep breath and walk in nature. 🌻 It's refreshing AND invigorating! “Stop and smell the roses” definitely has a positive effect on one’s #psyche. 🌹 Anytime I take a walk outside, I make a point to really observe all that God has provided for us. πŸ™ It's so easy to just walk by everything and get lost in our own #world. 🌏 This is especially true on days that are very chaotic or #stressful. It is these moments when we need to really “Step Away From the Chaos of the Day, Make Time for Ourselves and Enjoy the Moment”. 🌟 Our well-being depends on this. When was the last time you REALLY breathed in #nature, looked at the #beautiful sky, the colorful #flowers and the luscious green trees? πŸŒ³πŸŒ±πŸ’ I encourage YOU to make it a point this week to take a break for yourself and “Enjoy the Moment” outside in nature. 🌾Trust me, you'll appreciate and #cherish that special moment. ❀️ Love, 

Your #TEA-Inspirista