Spill the Tea Wednesday February 20, 2019


Happy #SpillTheTeaWednesday! 💚 Some people may look at #Winter as a depressing and gloomy season due to the frigid air, gray skies, shortened daylight, bare trees and gardens. 🌬❄️ I like to look at Winter as a time to #rest and regroup after a very busy and chaotic holiday season. ✨ It is a wonderful time to #pray, #meditate and look introspectively. 🙏🏼 It gives us time to rethink our life and career direction and #goals. The cold, frozen weather can be trying on our spirit and even make going outdoors challenging. However, despite the cold air and gray skies, #nature still gives us beautiful scenes to appreciate and enjoy. 🥰 So next time, you get overwhelmed by the frozen world outside, brew a cup of your favorite #tea, sit back, and reflect on the beautiful #scenery in front of you. 🍵 Enjoy each Winter Moment. 💕