About Us

I’m Kathleen Edinger, certified tea consultant, Founder and Owner of TeaScapes®, a tea company that provides premium, customized loose tea blends, and tea accessories.  

I know that taking care of ourselves can be challenging in our hectic world.  Tea is the perfect beverage for any break in the day and a nice alternative to many of the sugary drinks on the market today.  Tea is gaining momentum because people are becoming more health conscious and has natural, healthy ingredients that create relaxing and calming effects. TeaScapes® has tea and accessories to fit every budget, lifestyle, and taste.

By working with a master tea blender, we are able to provide exclusive blends that are only available to purchase at TeaScapes®.  Based on the celebrity events that TeaScapes® has participated in, celebrities know that tea is not a bag it is an experience.  Our specialty blends bring the relaxing tea experience to you one cup at a time. Imagine what it would feel like to nourish your health and well-being and be able to have this experience every single day.   

Our mission is to encourage everyone to step away from the chaos of the day, make time for themselves and “Enjoy the Moment.”   

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